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Kyle Uptmore
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Tuesday, 3.20.12

Snatch - 187 x 3, 197 x 1 (fail), 192 x 1 (fail)
Snatch Pull - 3 x 3 w/ 237lbs

187 x 3:

Today was atrocious since I'm still having a bad head cold from all the rain coming in. Everything was off today, and can attribute that to the new Troy Texas Power Barbell I started using today. About 2/3rds of the way through with my warm-up sets I notcied that the rings were a lot closer inward than usual so I had to measure my grip again. Then the knurling was super rough compared to the Weider Bar I was used to which wasn't meant for OL! My hands were bleeding after my first working set. I also didn't have anything left for Snatch DL today. Hope I feel better tomorrow.
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