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Well, quick update on this. Still training BJJ 4-6 times a week, but I found that this schedule doesn't leave a lot of time and energy to lift weights, even if it was something like 5-3-1. When I did do anything outside of the gym, it was mostly stretching.

I actually don't feel like my level of strength is an issue, maybe b/c we drill a lot of throws and things, and my conditioning seems okay... I get tired after a hard roll during open mat, but I also recover quickly.

Anyway, I finally got cleared to do advanced classes, which = more rolling, so am trying to figure out a new schedule. Leaning towards sticking around and doing fundamentals 2X/week, plus 2 days of advanced and 2 days of open mat. Fundamentals are pretty easy, I can control the pace a bit more at open mat, and then I'd have 2 hard days.

As far as S+C, from only doing jits, I think my biggest area of weakness is explosive/ballistic. I can't jump from my knees to my feet during warmups and when we jump over people who are turtled up I always have to use my hands b/c I don't think I can keep jumping that high.

I'm not sure if this affects my BJJ, though. It may just mean I suck at some of the warmups...
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