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Default Couch to Platform

As much as I'd like to claim otherwise I've been out of training for anything for a while, effectively 1year+, and I've decided to participate in an O-lifting meet in May.

My goals: 1) Don't get injured. 2) Show up and participate. Post competition I want to continue to improve my o-lifting.

I'm about 110kg body weight (6'3") and the lowest weights lifted at this meet (at the 105+kg class) were well in excess of anything I've done ever.

Given my (transient) state of weak fatassitude does this seem like extreme folly?

Assuming not I've got some training approach questions (bear with me I'm building up to some questions).

Limitations I see:
  • T-Spine mobility: elbows drop in the front squat and OHS feels unbalanced
  • Shoulder mobility: dislocates make my pecs squawk pretty loudly
  • Shoulder stability: I've had some subluxation (room to move) in the shoulder so I feel I really need to work on my OH stability
  • Clean Receiving Pos: I tend to receive with the feet too wide and feel the knees roll inward some. I think this is compensation for lack of mobility as it makes it easier to get lower. Haven't felt comfortable trying to snatch at depth so just power snatched some light weight.
  • Hip mobility: Loss of lumbar curve in deep squats

Ok with that preamble here are some questions.
  • Should I be going at the lifts or doing more accesory work? (SNA & C&J or squats and deadlifts)
  • Since I'm working with light weights (currently ~105lb in the C&J) full or even partial depth snatches or C&J's feel very unnatural as opposed to power lifts. I've read that newbies should not power and should just do full depth lifts, which is correct?
  • Any additional thoughts or advice?
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