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Kyle Uptmore
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Thursday, 3.22.12

Clean - 267 x 1 (fail), 257 x 1 (fail), 242 x 3
Clean Pull - 2 x 3 w/ 277lbs

Pathetic day due to the bar I was training with. Cut my hands like no other. I'll try not to remember this day to say the least.

Saturday, 3.24.12

Snatch - 197 x 1, missed 207 three times....
Clean and Jerk - 257 x 1, 267 x 1, missed 272 (failed jerk)
Front Squat - 347 x 2


With the snatch today, I figure the reason why I was missing so much was because I didn't use as wide of a grip as I usually do. Still managed to hit a PR on clean and jerk. Should have had 272 today, but I didn't even split deep enough which was a stupid mistake.

I blame this week being so bad because of switching to a bar that wasn't even meant to do OLs with. My hands were so torn that I had to use a whole roll of tape during training this week. But its finally over, and I've lived and I've learned from this mistake. I will get my act back together starting Monday, I promise.
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