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Matt Morris
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Sorry its been a while since I got back to you. You're clearly stronger than the loads your lifting, that's a good thing for starters. Next, I think it looks like you have a good "punch" on your lock outs on both your snatch and Jerk.

Do you have a competition that you're looking to compete in, or just interested in getting to one eventually? If you have a bunch of time, then I would take it pretty slow. Start with focusing on getting your back really tight in the start position, and keeping your back angle the same as you begin your pull. Fixing these things will improve your lifts quite a bit by improving your power transfer and bar path.

In addition to that, spend time foam rolling your thoracic spine and do front squats to improve your rack position by ACTIVELY forcing your elbows up and keeping your chest nice and high.

Post video of said front squat, btw...

Next get weightlifting shoes, you might not need to wear a singlet at a meet, so find that out before you buy one. Try to drop in on classes at the local weightlifting club if you can, partly for the coaching, and partly for the access to the better bar and bumpers...lifting is quite different with those.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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