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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Were the leg curlz with the TRX also? I have thought about buying one for my trips. What are your thoughts on it?
Yes, all things yesterday were with the TRX. I actually got mine for free this past deployment, the people living in the tent before I got there ended up leaving it hooked up to one of the poles! Crazy right?

To your question, I'm not sure I would have spent $200+ on it but it is a nice alternative to the weights and the sprints and the traditional lifting/conditioning.

This past year I've only ever used it as an accessory to whatever else I was doing i.e. a conditioning day or an active recovery day. I've used it for certain exercises during my training or as a finisher. Mine didn't come with a manual so I'm not sure how they setup things for like a weekly workout. I had to do a lot of google searches and youtube watching to even figure out how to use it for the stuff I used it for.

-Portable, folds down very compactly
-easy to adjust resistance by altering body position
-Good just to take a break from the norm
-I really like it for ab stuff i.e. fallouts are simliar to using the ab wheel but I think using the TRX is harder
-good if you had setup in the home gym for certain exercises like 1-leg squats, face pulls, Y's/T's

-Kind of pricey
-Not a fan of the having to adjust the straps up and down when doing a circuit, meaning, your straps are supposed to set at certain heights for certain movements. I either try to pick movements that are all at the same height OR just do them with the same height anyway and work around the difference. lying hamstring curls your are suppose to set the straps at mid-calf height, while a low row (inv. row) it's supposed to be fully shortened.
-Some exercises seem contrived, like they try so hard to be different or incorporate the TRX into something, I saw something the other day called the TRX Burpee, the first thought that popped into my head is...WHY?
-I don't like having to adjust from 1-handle exercises to 2 handle exercises. Online I've seen some exercise pairings that to me waste a lot of time messing with that. I always group all the 1 handle stuff together and 2 handle stuff together so I'm not sitting there fiddling with the straps in the middle of a circuit. Yesterdays workout as written is supposed to be "balanced lunge superset with 1-leg hamstring curl" I changed it to 2-leg curl so I didn't have to change the straps around between exercises.
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