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Thanks Matt and Blair for the responses.

Those are not lifting shoes, but I toss my orthotics (hard thick plastic) in them when I lift which raises the heel and makes them a little "harder".

I hope to compete in an event (Grand Canyon State Games) here in May. To that I end I just want to show up and lift something. I don't care if I'm lifting with the 12 year olds.

I attempted to lift again yesterday and had the idea that I would go out and warm up to snatch 115lb and really try to get my recieving position much lower. I never made it to 115lb. I missed at 85lb (after some ugliness at 65lb) and the bar collided with my leg just above the ankle on our collective way to the floor. The small diameter iron plates don't leave much room for body parts. Fortunately nothing more than some minor bruising on the outside.

My brain cavity was a bit more shaken however. I decided that my bottom position was just a mess and needed some focused work so I spent the rest of my time doing slow, deliberate, and light (45lb) OHS, Fsquats, and presses.

I found a group at a local crossfit affiliate that are going to train for the above mentioned event starting next week. I worked a deal to train in trade for some of my time so it's in the budget!

In prep for that I decided to focus on light weight moderate rep OHS, front squats, and presses daily for the rest of the week. My intention is to reinforce some good bottom position behaviour and help get the t-spine straightened out some. I'll post some video of that later this week.

thanks again!
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