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Thanks for all the suggestions thus far:

To give you an idea of where my running ability is at:

50m- ~8 sec
100m - ~15 sec
400m - 1:25-1:30
1 mile - 7-7:30 but for me that's pushing it, I have done faster in the past but going sub 7 in the past usually triggers an asthma attack. (that was a while ago though so I'm not sure if it still does that).
2 miles - 14:30-15:00
5k - 28:00-29:00

So I'm not the fastest, and once my distance starts to go up my pace starts to increase also. I also don't have a huge background in running meaning I was a slow fat child and didn't do any sports! Russ Greene and I talked about this on how people who have already put the roadwork in the past will have an easier time maintaining their speed without running a lot. Since I have not much of a background other than when I first enlisted in 2003 and the occasional 2 mile PT test.

What else can I focus on while trying to bring my running pace/capability up in the next 4+ months? I don't want to halt lifting and go to straight metcon's and running. I know Greg advocates working on one thing at a time, i.e. dropping metcons to work on strength. So does it work the other way around also? Drop all strength work and focus primarily on met-cons and running and maybe some rowing?

BW right now is 183, BF is around 10%, IF'ing with calories at maintenance level.

My sorta max numbers:

Deadlift - 360 (Missed 380, but I think I could have gotten 370)
high bar squat - 275
low bar squat - 315
front squat - 265
overhead squat - 175
power snatch - 135 x 2 (technique needs work, having a problem dropping into the hole)
clean - 195 x 1
bench press - 250 x 1
overhead press - 165 x 1
push press - 170 x 4
bent over rows - 235 x 4

Bodyweight stuff:

Dips - BW x 30+
ring dips - BW x 17
pullups - 12 dead hang, 15 kipping
pushups - 35+
ring pushups - 10

Row - 500m - PR of 1:31
Row - 2000m - PR of 7:31

Conditioning - I've been better than now, pretty much coming off a strength kick for the last 6 months.
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