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Originally Posted by Chris Goodrich View Post
I didn't have to do BOLC but I'm guessing they're looking for about an 8:00 min/mile pace while in formation, probably singing cadence. 7:00 min/miles would probably put you in the top 15% of your peers. In my experience, crossfit style METCON transfers much better to battlefield tasks than distance running, so I wouldn't sweat the running too much unless you are really slow (like 9+min/mile). If you're already doing alot of METCON, I wouldn't add more than 1 day a week of distance running. I'd focus mostly on fartlek and or intervals with the occaisional steady long run to get used to holding a pace for distance. Alot of it is just mental, learning to let your mind "go to your happy place" while your body pounds out the miles.

Edit; What Branch are you going into? If its infantry you might want to do a little more running than I suggested above to prep for Ranger.
Yes, I forgot to add, these are most likely company runs which makes the accordion/yo-yo effect a bitch. That's how I sprained my ankle in BCT, I was so busy trying not to run into the guy in front of me I missed the gigantic pothole slightly to my right (ankle blew up to grapefruit size).

I can do a 7:00 mile....once! It's the stringing them together that worries me, so I guess being able to run a 35 minute/5 miles should be my long term goal. That running happy place has thus far eluded me, I guess I have to do some attitude adjustment fine tuning or something, I always hear from runners about the runners high or just getting into a zone which I don't feel like I've ever achieved even in BCT/AIT. To be honest a lot of the times I'm just thinking "ok, only X meters left."

I'm an MP now, so my first choice is MP and 2nd choice is Signal. BOLC II is 7 weeks at either Benning or Sill, and its 75% in the field, it's suppose to make officers more Army centric than branch centric, like what they are doing for the NCOA's i.e. changing PLDC to WLC. I'm all for that part, just need to get my running up to par so I'm not lagging behind.

Originally Posted by James Evans View Post

I'll put something together for you.
Thanks James, I appreciate that.

Originally Posted by Peter Puetz View Post
The ciruits I posted some time ago helped me big time to kick-start running when I was into long distances running.
Where did you post these, your log? You don't mean that 400 x 100m thing right?

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
I woudl bet you would benefit from really focusing on running technique drills to improve your form~ala Pose method or Chi Running or whatever the buzz method of the day is for learning efficient running.
I've already tried to transition to more effecient running, I just need to be able to keep it up over the long haul because after a mile or so my old habits still creep in there. Pre-2005 running caused really bad shin splints...etc and a lot of the Crossfit people were recommending Pose method and that has made a huge difference in terms of injury prevention and I no longer wear my motion-control/stability shoes that weighed nearly a pound each. I think that running more effeciently and not wearing those kinds of shoes has actually started to bring my arch back since I had very flat feet and they are still flat but not as much now.

Originally Posted by Josh Whiting View Post

I would do this:

Day One: Tempo Run
Day Two: Metcon and or Strength
Day Three: Intervals/Hill Reps
Day Four: Metcon and or Strength
Day five:LSD
Weekend off

I wouldn't go too mental with LB/TB ME work during your prep for this.
Tempo run? I've heard the term before but not quite sure what's involved?
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