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This is my cheat day
Breakfast: eggs and bacon
Lunch: gnocchi, which made me sick. i should stick to cheat day tamales
Dinner: pork and plantain leftovers
Snack: ice cream. nomnomnom.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, banana
Lunch: I didn't eat lunch b/c of my enormous dinner I had planned; I made my boyfriend a pre-birthday meal, which was...
Dinner: cauliflower salad, bacon-wrapped scallops, salmon, and Paleo chocolate cake (coconut flour and tons of eggs)
Snack: just a chai latte. probably had some sugar.

workout: Duquette again, doing just phase 1 this week and then on to 2 probably next week.

Anyway, I missed BJJ both these days... Wednesday was because I wanted to hear Jonah Lehrer speak and today was because I was cooking that elaborate meal which took many hours.

But after "graduating" from our Fundamentals class (which is "Phase 1") and learning we have an Intermediate class ("Phase 2") starting on the 16th, I just haven't been enthused.

I still pick up some stuff from fundamentals, but it's pretty elementary and doesn't have rolling and isn't as exciting as it was 4 months ago, but Advanced ("Phase 3") is super tough on the body and I don't think I could hack it 6X/week like I was doing before (4 days of fundamentals and 2 days of open mat). So I have been missing classes, which sucks, but I just am not as excited about anything other than Phase 2 (17 days and counting)
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