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I really love our fundamentals curriculum, and I definitely think it's important, but I've gotten to the point now where I have enough of a base in it that all the stuff I learned in other gyms that wasn't working is working, and it's mostly just refining... picking up a few things here and there instead of learning a whole new thing. We have a 24-class curriculum and I guess after going to fundamentals 4X/week for 16 weeks, I just am not ask excited about it. When Intermediate starts, some days they are back to back, and I will do both then. Some of our most technical guys/girls (purple and brown) regularly do fundamentals, but the no rolling thing I feel doesn't help me get prepped for tournaments, and I'd like to get back in competition shape.

I guess after my last stripe which allowed me to go to Advanced if I wanted, I just took a week off (which was last week) and was hoping to pick back up to normal again this week, but it's slow starting.
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