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I did my month in review and I track my BJJ hours, it was 40 hours in January (seminars, etc.) and 27 in February and only 20 in March (22 if I go to open mat tomorrow). My goal is always 32, but I can't go lower than 16, which is my bare minimum. 20 is a bit lower than I want to do, but not bad.

I was going to go to this gardening thing tomorrow, but I may just go to open mat since I hardly trained this week... but I don't know what I'll do. It's so hard to finally be living in a city now and having options for things to do other than just training.

Then again, when I lived in the middle of nowhere, the gym there sucked, so I'll take it.

Breakfast: just had some leftover cauliflower salad
Lunch: Paleo chili, 1/4 slice of leftover Paleo birthday cake I baked for Todd
Dinner: pork meatballs

Snacks: So I missed BJJ b/c I went to this crossword tournament, and I had a beer because I got it for free for having a library card. Went to the bar with my teammates after we lost in the quarterfinals, and had some polenta fries (maybe 6 or so) and a couple handfuls of popcorn. 1 beer, a handful or 2 of popcorn and probably 6 or so polenta fries...

Yeah, I ate too much crap this week... and the weekend probably won't be great, either, since Todd's parents want to take us out for dinner Saturday to some Tex Mex place and I told him I'd take him out on Sunday, so it's our dinners out week.
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