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Default Session 2: the Clean and Jerk

I began by training the lift in the segments I had predetermined.

Session B

Technique training/Warm-up

Behind-the-Neck Jerk - 45 x 3/4/3
Push Jerk - 45 x 3/3/3
Split Jerk - 45 x 3/3/3
Front Squat + Split Jerk Ė 45 x 2
Muscle Clean Ė 45 x 4/3/2
Muscle Clean + Front Squat +Split Jerk Ė 45 x 3/3
Hang Clean + Front Squat + Split Jerk Ė 55 x 2, 65 x 2

At this point I pieced it all together.

Clean and Jerk (Split)
75 x 2
95 x 2
115 x 2

Overhead Squat (Snatch Grip)
65 x 5 Ė Lost my balance and after reducing the weight I realized it was because I didnít have a focal point.
55 x 5
55 x 5

Bench Press
135 x 8
135 x 8
135 x 8

BW x 5
BW x 5
BW x 3

Jump-Rope between sets of chins.

This was a fine session, but with some difficulties. First Iíll say that although the majority says the Snatch is the more technical lift of the two Olympic lifts, the Clean and Jerk gives me more trouble. Maybe itís because of the difference in weight used, or the method of pulling, but something makes it more difficult to me.

I was kind of tired by the time I had the full sequence ironed out, so hopefully next time Iíll be able to train the whole lift sooner and fresher.

I decided to learn and train the Split Jerk as opposed to the non-split and Iím glad I did, because it wasnít as difficult as I thought it would be and I think it will allow me to C&J more weight down the road.

All in all, despite having trouble learning the C&J, Iím confident that with many, many repetitions I will begin to perfect the technique. It may sound typical, but I feel sure of the manner of the motions and their intentions; i.e. triple extension, power shrugging, catching. I understand the movement of the body according to the bar is as active as the movement of the bar itself; what should move the bar and when; what is more and less efficient and I think knowing these things is going to make me successful.
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