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BJJ today for about 3 hours; did the fundamentals class, and then I stayed for my first Advanced class. It actually was not that hard; i was super worried about keeping up during warm-ups, some of which are complicated, and during the class. It had more steps than I'm used to, but I did okay, and then we rolled for about a half hour at the end, and then a half hour or so on our own. Feels good to know I can do an hour of fundamentals and an hour of advanced and keep up and still have energy to bug people to roll after class (even when I'm super PMS-y and dehydrated and hungry).

I got a copy of our new schedule starting the 15th and it looks like this:

Monday: Fundamentals, Intermediate
Tuesday: Fundamentals, Advanced
Wednesday: Fundamentals, Intermediate
Thursday: Fundamentals, Advanced
Friday: open mat
Saturday: open mat

My coach said I should do 2 intermediate and 2 fundamentals classes a week, and at least 1 advanced or 1 open mat. So if I go to both classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, that should take care of that, and then I can pick either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (or Sat. morning) to stay late.

I have to work some crazy late hours for Sherdog on Friday nights as a weekend editor, so Fridays are probably out. Saturday morning seems like a good choice, but sometimes during open mat it's hard to find people to roll with. But I also like how it's unstructured. Still, doing 6 classes over 4 days is cool because I'd like to throw in a day of circuits just to keep my strength up.

At the same time, though, I feel like 6 classes in 6 days is better than 6 classes in 4 days, so I'm torn.

But if I was going to do 4 days, it'd look like this:

M-easy day (fundamentals, intermediate) 5:30-7:15

Tuesday OR Thursday-hard day (advanced) 7:15-9:15
Tuesday OR Thursday-strength day (circuits) morning

W-easy day (fundamentals, intermediate) 5:30-7:15

F-rest day (stretching)

S-hard day (open mat) morning
Sun-rest day (bike rides, active recovery)

It is still 6 classes a week, still 8 hours a week, and before I was doing 4 easy hours and 4 hard, so it's still doing that, but instead of 1 hour X 4 days and 2 hours X 2 days, it's 2 hours X 4 days.

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