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Default Session 4: Greasin' the groove and getting a little rest.

Session A

Technique training/Warm-up
Some bodyweight front squats, limb rotations, snatches and C&Js with a bar only.

Snatch 1
95 x 3
95 x 2
95 x 2
95 x 1

Clean and Jerk (Split) 2
135 x 1

Clean 3
135 x 2
135 x 2

Conditioning/Cool-down 4
Jump-Rope and some spinal decompression stuff.

1) Snatch: Lockout felt weak.

2) Clean and Jerk (Split): Lockout felt weak.

3) Clean: Here, I switched from the C&J to the Clean to avoid the lockout during the Jerk.

4) Conditioning/Cool-down: Same old.

I got in the gym and realized after a few lifts that my lockout was feeling weak and shaky. I decided it was better to “know when to fold ‘em,” so to speak. I performed a few sets of the main lifts, hit the jump-rope for a bit, and then called it an evening; just to grease the groove. We’ll see how it goes tonight!
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