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Default Clean Technique question

During the Snatch, my long arms tend to pay off and don't cause a problem. However, my build doesn't quite suit the Clean that well. Think of what you'd like to see in a deadlifter and that's me (elongated upper traps from lower trap dominance, and very long arms relative to torso [in my "neutral" position my fingertips are only 4-5 inches from my patella]). I've always brushed about mid/low-thigh during my Cleans. Recently I've begun wondering how to be able to brush higher and I've found if I start my pull in an isometric shrug position this moves the brush point up roughly 6-8 inches and right in the sweet spot. So this doesn't become a long-term plan, after my sessions I'm doing 1 set of Half-Kneel DB Overhead Shrugs and 1 set of DB Shrug Isometrics in an effort to shorten my upper traps.

Does this course of action seem reasonable or is there a different path I should be taking?
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