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Default Rugby pitch to the platform

Hi all and welcome to my training log.

I'm a 23-year-old rugby player who has temporarily side-lined his rugby shenanigans due to injury concerns. I'm in the second year of George Washington's DPT (physical therapy) program. I'm enjoying my studies however, if you cannot perform the physical duties of of a physical therapist, you can't pass your practicals. With this in mind I decided to take up a competitive endeavor with a lower injuries-per-player-hour rate.

I've done strength training for years but this is my first exposure to olympic-style lifting. This log will document my training up to my first competition on April 21st.

Generally speaking I'll be lifting 3 days/wk. Monday's focus is on repetitions, Thursday's focus is on technique/assistance lifts, and Friday is heavy day. We do the best we can sticking to a consistent schedule, however, since my coach, teammates, and I are all graduate students we occasionally need miss/cancel a training session.

I'm currently 80kg and trying to cut down to 77kg for the first time since I was in high school.

Thanks in advance for your support. Wish me luck.
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