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The Benchmarks are always the same although A is different from B which is different from C.

Bad writing on my part: other than the Benchmarks, mix it up because familiarity breeds contempt, you'll get bored, psyched out etc.

In a good week I would aim to lift weights 3 times, maybe do a couple of short circuits with a medicine ball (12 minutes) if lucky, and run 3 times. This off the back of a couple days off. So I would normally have to run and then lift afterwards.

You're not going to become the best deadlifter in the world doing this. I'm strong but I reckon most people on the boards would cane me. But if we were to run distance, do some sprints, do some metcon, lift some shit, cycle somewhere etc. I'd be pretty good across the board.

I've not been running a lot this year and mostly lifting and I've put on weight, this doesn't normally happen. Greg and Robb's observations are spot on. Something has to give. I guess you have to weigh up your priorities aside from the 5 easy miles.

Run 1 is a slow jog out. You build from here. The intervals are fast. The Benchmarks are fast. The runs when you go for a set time are paced to keep running for that particular time.
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