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Just to clarify, I haven't had the surgery, yet. The surgeon thinks its inevitable, however.

Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
reducing pro-inflammatory foods will be a big help.

What did the surgeon/staff suggest w regard to rehab exercises/stretches/etc?
Thanks for the follow up...I've been gluten free for about a year now.

Surgeon laughed at the idea of rehab/stretches.

I have had improvements, though still not perfect. Here is what I've done:
1) exercised my extensor muscles...this I'm pretty proud of...I bought working/gardening gloves and strung a bungie cord through the finger tips. I can hold the bungie w/ one hand and estend my fingers under tension w/ the other hand. I do high reps of that when I'm chillaxing at home.

2) I wear wrist braces at night. Still getting used to them, but I don't wake up w/ numb hands at night any more (additional sleep probably helps the inflimation thing, too).

3) Soft tissue work throughout my upper body...neck (thoracic outlet) and forearms/wrists/hands...this is usually excruciating, but in a good way. It's also improved my front rack, so there's a double bonus there!

4) I know hold my son (9months old) very differtnly, to ease how much work my wrists do.

5) got a fully articulating key board ( for my desk job...

all that said, things are MUCH better! I'd say that items 2 and 3 had the biggest impact, but its a guess since I started all of them about the same time.
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