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Matt Morris
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Hey Brian,

Welcome to the forum. What % of your best lift is this? Right now, it seems like you are much stronger than you are snatching, because the bar path is pretty far out in front of you and you're able to control the bar in the catch. I'd say that your bottom position and catch looks pretty is what I would try to get you to change, and in this order:

1) Set up w/ the bar an inch or two further away from your shins and your but an inch or two down.
2) ACTIVATE your lats!
3) On your first pull, lead upwards w/ your shoulders or the back of your neck. Right now, your butt is the first thing that comes up.
4) Patience with your second pull. Keeping those lats nice and tight the whole first pull, wait as long as you can to initiate the second pull, trying to make contact w/ the bar at the hips, and not the thighs.
5) Elbows high and outside when to turn over into your third pull.

Best of luck! Also, video at a 45 degree angle can be helpful to analyse.
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