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Kyle Uptmore
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Thursday, 4.5.12

Snatch - 6 x 1 w/ 197lbs (90%), new set every 2min
Snatch Pull - 242 x 3, 257 x 3, 272 x 3

Went 6 for 6 on snatches with 90% today.

Friday, 4.6.12

Front Squat - 357 x 1, 367 x 1, 377 x 1, 387 x fail
Ab Wheel Rollouts - 3 x 12

377lb front squat -
387 fail -

Well I realize that front squats don't win OL meets and that this was the only lift I did today but I was shocked that I was able to do 20lbs over my PR just by being fresh. I won't be able to lift tomorrow so I wanted to get at least the front squat in today. I'm also in a lot of pain right now with my tailbone. I almost contemplated not doing the front squats but it made it feel better temporarily actually.

This ends the final peak week. I will start tapering on Monday.
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