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Originally Posted by Brian Williams View Post

I'm hoping to get some feedback on my Snatch form. Here's 3 different lifts from the side in slow-mo. Let me know if other angles would be easier as well. All feedback appreciated!!!

Lift 1
Lift 2
Lift 3

Hey Brian,

The first is inconsistent to the second and third video.
Most important thing I'd personally say, and what should be prioritised is for sure that you sweep the bar from the floor.
I think you're wrong, I don't think your biggest issue is the OHS, that looked fine to me.
I think you could probably quite easily address most of your issues by lowering the hips in the start position, and then when you begin your pull just get your ass the hell back, your knees out of the way, engage your lats and SWEEP the bar. You want to move kind of back and up, not just up. Be patient with the extention, and when your knees are nearly straight, then and only then explode! BOOM!
That'd sound to me like a good place to start
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