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Went to open mat this morning, but I'm pretty frustrated because I was there for an hour and only rolled with 3 people. There were way more people there the first half hour (when I was actively working) than the second, and I got to work with some good peeps (a small purple belt instructor, a larger purple belt, and this white belt who I like working with because I can work my offense against realistic resistance, since she's very strong and athletic and definitely no joke.) But then I asked like 4 people to roll; two guys said they were too tired and two said they were having a deep conversation about MMA. Um, okay. So I need to start drilling on my own or bringing my kettlebell to the gym so I won't waste time. Though I guess I did get some good longer rolls in.

Food: leftover shepherd's pie, a post-workout smoothie, half an avo, and I went to a Passover Seder this evening where I pretty much just ate matzah ball soup, chicken, and fruit. I need to really ratchet up my food intake a bit, though, as I feel like I've been starving all day, but there wasn't much there I could eat other than chicken.
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