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So we wrote out a whole meal plan for the week, which helped, and I've gotten all the crap food out of my house. Woot. Goulash for dinner today and an awesome salad for lunch, with hardboiled eggs and bacon and all kinds of goodies.

Sleep... only 6 hours last night, which seemed about right with the 10 I got the night before, but then I ended up taking a 2 hour nap instead. My goal is to slowly bring back the time I go to bed by about a half hour each night, maintain for a few days and then try to go to bed earlier until this thang is done.

Training... I still can't get motivated to go to Fundamentals and was too sleepy today to do advanced. Just did a little TRX work and mobility work on my own.

Other than tons of rolling, which doesn't seem in the cards right now as I go through our systematic levels of training, the only thing I feel excited about is lifting heavy shit, so I decided I need to go to the powerlifting gym in town or do something other than BJJ to keep my motivation up. Even once Intermediate starts, it's only 2X/week, and 2 easy and 2 hard classes a week isn't enough to keep me motivated and excited about training, but more than that and I don't know how well I'll recover. I guess morning classes are an option too and may help with the sleep thing, and they roll after those classes...which are all-levels. So I'll try to figure stuff out. But I think right now BJJ seems more like a long haul type thing and won't give me the immediate satisfaction I'm craving in my training, or much control over what I get to do, so it's time to start lifting shit.

$40 a month for a gym with tons of equipment seems nice, and I miss deadlifting. All I have is dumbbells up to 50 lbs., so I'm thinking I should just go to the gym and see where my squat, dead, power clean and shoulder press are at and go from there!
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