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Default Using Tonnage to Balance a Routine

Hi all

My oly lift template is as follows. **Is there supposed to be such a discrepancy with the tonnage for my working sets?
I was under the impression that they should be close, within a couple hundred pounds.
If so, should I change my number of sets during weeks 2 and 3 to meet the tonnage of the first week, or lower the percentage of the first week to be more similar to the 2nd week?

I've only complete snatch day of week 2, and it felt great, but I also thought I had a whole lot more in the tank.

Week 1: 5x5@75% this past week was 135x5x5 [3375]
Week 2: 5x3@85% 155x5x3 [2325]
Week 3: 3x3@80%; 2x2@85%; 3x1%95% around [2200]

Week1: 185x5x5 [4625]
Week 2: 210x5x3 [3150]
Week 3: 220x10x1 [2200]

Should these tonnage calculations be similar from week to week? If so, should I be raising sets (for example week2 would be 7x3) to meet the tonnage numbers or changing percentages?

Any advice, on this topic or training in general, would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would like the entire spreadsheet of my 531/oly hybrid, I'd be more than happy to post.

Thanks All,



I do a bunch of other accessory stuff, but I'm mainly concerned with the main lifts
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