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Main things to work on -

Try to get your shoulders right over the bar as you leave the floor. You leave with the shoulders still behind the bar. You adjust to a good position after the first few inches of travel, but this is just extra balance/position work to contend with. Make it simple.

Stay flatfooted longer in the pull, i.e. keep your weight back more longer, i.e. push the bar back into your hips rather than reaching your body to the bar.

Move your feet - pick up your feet as you pull under and place them on the floor FLAT. This doesn't mean lift them high, but you have to get them moving, and you need them to reconnect aggressively and flat.

Get under the bar by bending your legs instead of leaning over at the hips. Ideally, I would say at this point, don't do power snatches for a while - only snatches. But if you're going to do power, you still need to "squat" under - in other words, move your body straight down under the bar and punch it straight up over the base of your neck rather than swinging it back and leaning forward.
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