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Unhappy Learning the snatch - Snatch form. please advise

I just started learning the snatch about 2 months. This was close to 50kg. As you can see from the video that there are some glaring flaws in my technique.

Please do point them 'em out to me one by one. I'm from India and its safe to say there are no weightlifting coaches for normal joes like me nor you can find any in a 100 mile radius! I also practice in a commercial gym so I have to conservative with the weights cause I cant drop em on the floor. Not to mention the confused looks that I receive from gym members

I just received greg's book 2 weeks back (thanks amazon). I have that with me right now. It would be great if someone points to me what should I be doing to rectify the flaws in my technique, maybe on which day what etc etc.. If i gain have to relearn the progression as mentioned in greg's book i'm ready to do that as well. a sidenote ignore the newbie celebration at theend!!
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