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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
I second what Matt said. That's the number one thing to fix right now - pulling posture. Check the error correction section for something like "leading with the hips"; should be in the general errors section. That will give you some correction ideas.

You need to keep working on your hip flexibility as well, and that will improve your start and receiving positions.

Thanks for buying the book.
Thanks Greg for taking the time out of your busy training schedule (and also maybe watching the European men's 62 kg yesterday!!). page 188-189. Had a question though. should I start with the simplest movement - the snatch deadlift or do complexes like a snacth deadlift + pull or halting position specific work. How do I identify I don't have enough strength? I've stopped doing conventional deadlifts now but a few months back it was 310 pounds.
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