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Still feeling about 85% so I skipped BJJ, but I did go to the powerlifting gym and spent my last $50 on a month membership. I figure that'd be long enough for me to figure out if that's what I want to do. Plus, there's something about going to the gym and getting to decide every single thing you get to do. There is so much in BJJ I have no control over... what we work on, who I'm working with, how long we do what, what the warm-ups are, etc.

Anyway, I just decided to play around a little bit, did some kettlebell swings, some drills (I work shots and sprawls and standing base every chance I get), some presses, some deadlifts, playing with single-leg squats, etc.

I'm trying to get a loose idea of what some of my numbers are. Deadlift is only 175, which sucks b/c my previous PR was 220, but 45 lbs. isn't that much of a loss considering I haven't lifted anything heavy in 17 months and spent a good portion of that rehabbing my arm. My heaviest dumbbells are 50 lbs. Shoulder press was only 75; I think I used to do 95 but that's neither here nor there.

I did not test my bench, power clean or squat yet. They do have a Gravitron, so I guess I could work my way back to it being an ineffective training too for me. I always mess up my arms before I get my first real pull-up. I'm not really sure how bad I need one anyway, though. My grip strength in BJJ is just fine.

I guess all I really feel like I need to do is hip dominant work, so KB swings and deadlifts (though I have to decide if I want to do sumo or traditional... I really like those weird hex bars too), and maybe some kind of rotational core training (though haven't decided what) and something to strengthen my mid-back, plus decide on the best hip flexor and front of shoulder stretches.

But I think I might get bored if I just do four exercises. I just want to have fun again and play and mess around. There's some programs I've done that I thought were a blast, and I may go back to one of those again. They are all in month-long increments. I think I need to move away from being time and energy-efficient and back towards having fun again, or at least finding a balance between the best exercises for my goals and having fun. Otherwise going to the gym will be a total drag.
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