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Session B

Technique training/Warm-up
Some bodyweight front squats, limb rotations, lots of bar-only reps of various movements.

Clean and Jerk (Split) 1
105 x 1*
105 x 1*
110 x 1*
110 x 1*
115 x 1*
115 x 1*
120 x 1*
120 x 1*
125 x 1*
125 x 1*
135 x 1*

*Great form

Back Squats 2
135 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 10

Conditioning/Cool-down 3
Sit-Ups 4 x 15
Stretching between sets of Sit-ups

1) Clean and Jerk (Split): Great form, on every rep. Finally ironing out the wrinkles.

2) Back Squats: ATG olympic style squats starting at a nice, low weight.

3) Conditioning/Cool-down: I'm going to make a point of stretching after every training session.

As you can see, my form was spot-on tonight. I have decided to train one classic lift per session until I find a reason to do both in one. So for those of you trying to keep track, my programming now looks like:

Snatch or Clean and Jerk, alternating
Back or Front Squat, alternating (with a day off between)

Slowly increasing the weight until I get to intensities that necessitate cycling. All in all, things are going very well and I feel on track.
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