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12 April 2012 Thursday PM

Gracie Barra Georgia

BJJ Advanced: worked some takedowns and knee through pass. After that we did specific training from different positions. I was working with a 220 lb Ranger from Ft Benning. He was strong! We did takedowns, open guard and then closed guard and then open guard drills. Last drill was open guard plus submissions and I went with one of their brown belts.

During his turn we were stalemated. My turn on the other hand I went at him like a spider monkey. I got a sweep we reset and than I attacked. Omoplata to triangle to omoplata to triangle to armbar as time was called. Felt good to be able to pull off what I have been working on so much lately on a higher belt.

Afterwards I ate dinner with my aunt and uncle who live nearby. It was fantastic. She really outdid herself. It is rare that I visit with people while traveling so this was very nice.
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