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Kyle Uptmore
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University Nationals 85kg Class B, Friday, 4.13.12

Weighed 82.9kg

Snatch - 94 good, 97 good, 100kg PR
Clean and Jerk - 120 fail, 125 fail, 125 PR
Total - 225kg PR

This was my 2nd meet. My goal going into the meet was to get a 220kg total so I was pleased with my performance today. Finally I have snatched 100kg, one of my biggest goals ever since I have started training for this sport! The crazy thing about it is that the people that were watching were telling me that I power snatched it. As for the clean and jerk I misjudged how many lifters were in front of me. I had only warmed up to 100kg and had to go in and lift 120kg and failed with a slight pressout. With the 2nd attempt, I along with other lifters and coaches had no idea why I got 2:1 red lighted. For the third attempt I finally was able to lift with 3 white lights.

This upcoming week I will unload/rest from this meet and get my mind ready to start the same program I've been doing over again with the 10s/Hypertrophy block. I'll also re-asses my goals to aim for the next meet that I plan to attend.
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