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Right off the floor, you need to get your weight back - you have good posture, but you leave the bar over your toes.

Wait much longer before you initiate the second pull - you start as soon as the bar passes your knees. Keep standing w shoulders over the bar until the bar reaches at least mid-thigh, upper thigh even better. Then explode the hips and punch the legs. But of course, you need to stay balanced all the way to this point.

Watch your head - you're face is pointing to the ceiling when the bar is at your knees. I don't like this head position at any point really, but if you're going to do it, it has to accompany your finishing extension rather than being so early in the lift.

The bar is swinging away from you - partly because you're trying to explode way to soon, and partly because you're not pulling under w proper mechanics - pull down w the arms against the bar w the elbows out to the sides and get them as high as possible before you turn the arms over and push up. Right now it's the classic swing and lean - swing the bar forward and then lean down w the chest to try to sneak under it.

Your lift from the hang is a good start position, but again you immediately shift forward into the bar rather than maintaining your balance over your feet and pushing the bar back toward yourself. Same deal w the head, swinging, etc.

All that being said, I'd be willing to bet that if you fix the balance problem from the start and the timing of the second pull, most of these problems will correct themselves to a large extent.
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