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Default Military Specific Strength Program

Hey! New to the forum, was directed here by Gregg, I was seeking his input on helping program strength into my schedule. Hopefully I can gain some insight as to the best method of programming.

Lets looks at the end state specific goals first before I get into asking questions about strength programming.

Running - Run 3 Miles under 20 min, optimal goal would be 18 min or less, run 5 miles in 38min or less

Swimming - 500yds in 15 min or less (wearing Cammies) and 2000yds in an hour or less, Tread water for 30 min

Rucking- 12 miles in 2.5 hrs or less, optimal speed is 12 min miles with a 45# Ruck

Miscellaneous - Max Pullups 20 or more, Max Pushups 70 or more, ax situps 100 or more

The schedule will most likely run 4-5 days of running,swimming,and bodyweight calls/crossfit met cons. With Saturday being a long Ruck or LSD/Tempo run. I would switch these every other week.

Monday- Running, Bodyweight Cals/MetCon
Tuesday- Swimming, Bodyweight Cals/MetCon
Wed - Rest
Thurs - Running, Bodweight Cals/Metcon
Fri - Swimming, Bodyweight Cals/Metcon
Sat - Long Run or Ruck
Sun Rest

All in all, Running and swimming wil be done a minimum of 2x per week. Running will more than likely go as day 1 short intervals (50m-600m), day 2 long intervals (800m- 2400m), Swimming will be Day 1 short intervals (25m-100m) and skill work, day 2 LSD swim. Also, a large amount of work should be devoted to grip and core strength.

The problem I have is how to properly program strength work in. Strength is king and provides us with durability and makes long rucks and boat runs a lot easier. Also, choosing which lifts to utilize is another issue. Gregg suggested 2 days a of strength training a week.

Fire away and thanks for the insight/help!
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