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This is quite a list. I have some questions that I would consider if I were in your shoes.

The first question is where are you relative to those standards now? Are they easily hit? a struggle to maintain? Those answers will tell you how much or how little of those you can afford to do while you work on other priorities

Second question is what amount of strength do you believe you need? in what movements? why? This goal needs specificity before you can reasonably select exercises,m sets reps frequency intensity or volume.

For instance, relative to other movements the back squat is going to have biggest cost in terms of recovery with a low payback for those many of your other goals, so if you include it for a specif reason you'll want to know what standard you hope to hit and hold and a sense of how long that will take given the re-prioritization you are doing.

Third question, why exactly are you including the "metcons"? what movements are you including in them? what specific benefits do they infer relative to your goals? (swimming, running rucking, chin and pushups)

It's intuitive that some amount of "metcon" work could be replaced with running and swimming intervals and pushup/chinup complexes in lieu of "metcons"
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