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I agree with Dave. There is no reason to do metcons in the traditional "crossfit" sense. I fell into that trap about four to five years ago and in the end I didn't see any real gain in strength or endurance. To meet all of the goals that you have I think that you are going to have to structure your workouts similar to how a decathlon athlete would train. I do think that having two days of strength and olympic lifting (if you have a good coach) will help in reaching most of your goals. What I have been doing for the last year and a half now is this:

6 wk strength cycle that includes:
3x wk strength (including power versions of the core lifts, squats, DL, OHP, RDL, Rows, Pull ups, back extensions, GHDs)
2x wk sprints w/ push up and sit up work
1x wk 3-5 mile run

6 wk power cycle:
3x wk Olympic lifting (pulls, full and power versions of the lifts, squats, RDLs, Jerks, Push press, OHP, Pull ups and back work)
3x wk sprinting (2x wk 400 meter or less sprints) (1x wk 800 to 1200meter sprints) push up and ab work

6 wk endurance cycle:
2 x wk strength/power work 3 to 5 rep range (squats, Power and full cleans and OHP, Pull ups, Jerks, Good mornings, back extensions, GHDs)
1x wk sprinting 400-800 meter sprints
3 x wk long run 4-8 miles (1 x wk recovery jog >9 min mile pace, 2x wk at race pace or % of)

6 wks job work
2 x wk strength/ oly work
3x wk sprints with pu and su work
2 x wk job work (swimming, rucking, rope climbing)

Somethings to think about also are, not running with your body armor on or your ruck on especially when you are going down hill, this will just increase the chance of you damaging your joints. Just learn to stride out and move quickly, you can
easily get to the 2:30 mark on a 12 miler.

Sorry for the long post. Good luck and judging by your goals, Semper fi.
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