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16 April 2012 Monday PM

BJJ Fundamentals and Advanced: 2 hours of BJJ while I am in Nash Vegas. Got to train with a great 2 stripe belt named Prof Reggie. He is 6' 4" and probably 235. Good to train with a big man. You can learn a lot from his different body positions.

All good and truly a great group of people to train with. They aren't very advanced as they opened in November of last year. I was going fairly easy unless Prof Reggie asked me to go harder. Even when the student asked I still went easy.

One guy who apparently is the top dog told me he had his reputation to uphold before we trained which I felt was odd. I still went normal and even asked if he wanted any advice he replied it wouldn't matter so I gave no advice. Later we grappled again with submissions and he was kind of surly. I was going to suggest that he protect his arm better as he was leaving it wide open. He came at me like a freight train so I armbarred him 3 times in 5 minutes. He didn't speak to me again. I asked each time I got a sub if he wanted to back down and each time he came at me harder. I was more worried he was going to do something spastic and hurt me than anything else.

After class the guys were talking about how easily I hit those armbars on him and one guy said I was watching the whole time and he was defending but then he did some ninja stuff and bam armbar. That made me laugh out loud. I said nope nothing ninja at all just have been doing it for a long time.

Good training and I am no worse the wear.
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