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Went to Phase 2 (which is code for intermediate) today and it was awesome! We had a long and kinda different warm-up and worked three different omo plata setups. Well, it was one oma set-up and then two transitions based on ways they could defend. Alliance curriculum is so well thought-out, which is fun.

My coach said something about how I should split my time between fundamentals and intermediate, so I felt weird staying for advanced today but I asked permission and he said yeah, but it was gonna be hard. I kind of like hard, though. I don't think the techniques he teaches are any more difficult than any new techniques in, say, intermediate, AND we get to ACTUALLY ROLL at the end of class so I get to test out all this theory we've been learning and also work up a sweat. I think I will still go to fundamentals on Thursday b/c I really like the instructor, but I'm thinking M and W could be my intermediate/advanced days, and open mat on Saturday. 6 classes but 2 intermediate, 3 harder and only 1 fundamentals. I mean, I have mad respect for my coach but I am so sick of going to BJJ and not rolling. Then I could lift weights on Tuesday and Friday and take Sunday off... so we'll see.

Anyway, so I did advanced and we worked on a wrist lock set-up to armbar and a couple variations, and did a lot of drills, and then we did like 10 one-minute rounds, with a few breaks thrown in, and it was fun. My guard still needs a lot of work, but my hooks are getting trickier and i got a nice butterfly sweep today, plus an arm drag to back take on a pretty decent blue belt. My top/pressure game is getting really good, if I do say so myself, and I got some nice half guard passes and things. Lots of fun. I was pretty tired afterwards, too, which was nice. Finally excited about BJJ again.
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