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I have two glaring issues that are plaguing me currently, and unfortunately, both of them take time to correct:

1) Wrist mobiliity - I have a hard time closing my hands around the bar in the rack position. Ironically, it is this very problem that confirms my belief that I am jerking correctly in the Clean and Jerk. I know that since I cannot close my grip in the rack, I am definitely not pressing the bar off my shoulders. This theory doesn't really apply to whether or not I'm pressing at the top, but I'm confident I'm locking my elbows and catching, rather than pressing.

2) Conditioning - I am becoming fatigued after my warm-up sets of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Hopefully, as I progress I will naturally develop a higher work capacity in these lifts. Once I've backed down to my work sets, my fatigue hinders my form, reducing the quality of the repetitions. I'm also jumping-rope after each training session to improve my conditioning.
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