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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
I'm out of my depth with the strength needs of Marine but I do know, once built that big squat and dl will be hard to hold onto for long.

If you're about to go into an intensive indoctrination I'd look to build rep strength with your current maxes and focus on the real test: running, lots of rucking with weight, swimming and the nutty PT stuff the services seem to like so well.
No indoc, Just work/training. How about the idea of building up the squat/DL/Press so that when/if Pre Deployment workups come up instead of going from a 500# lift to a 350# lift, I go from 575 to a 400 or whatever. (Just round random numbers for discussions sake.)

Now that we've decided on lifts running etc, lets talk sets reps... What to use and what to cycle through. Im horrible at this. Hitting mass amounts of reps in the SQ/DL would obviously come at the end of a cycle, optimally right before a workup or physically intensive school.
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