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Very busy day today with far too many deadlines, but I managed to get to the gym. Berardi has this month-long program I'm doing.

Warmup: 3 minutes of rowing

Circuit 1: 3X8 bb corner press, 3X8 bb corner row
I need to bend my knees more when I do these, after watching the video.

Circuit 2: 3X8 standing see-saw press, 3X8 pullups
Assisted pullups; blah. But I can't do 8 in a row even with my PU Revolution thingy, plys they don't have one at the gym.

Circuit 3: 2X10 machine flys, 2X18 seated cable row
Our cable row machine is so ghetto; it's rigged up with a cinderblock and things. Still works, though.

Anyway, I like this workout program... It's a month worth of programming; 3 different workouts to do 4X each, no more than 6 exercises (usually 5), quick warm-up, and it's fun.

He has circuit interval workouts to do, too, but I think my jits can count as my cardio. I don't know, though. I guess it depends how hard we go, etc.

I'm a bit disappointed at how much strength I've lost. I guess I assumed I wasn't losing much since we do a lot of judo throws and training with resistance, and I've increased my BJJ strength, but my corner press and row were only at 70 lbs. (I used to do 90), my seesaw dumbbell press was with 25# dumbbells, and my machine flys are at like 40 lbs., seated row at 50. Aside from it being a nice change, maybe I really should be lifting weights more regularly just so my muscles won't atrophy.
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