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Originally Posted by Ben Glidewell View Post
I am finishing up my 3rd round on the General Cycle next week (on a 3 day template) and I will be ready for a full deload week before I transition into another cycle. Would someone please post a sample deload week that I could modify?

Thanks in advance!
This is only semi sarchastic...for a deload week, as long as you keep moving (mobilize), sleep and eat enough, and don't kill yourself, I think you're fine.

Monday: go for a long walk w/ your family (child in carrier, for the extra weight)
Tuesday: Eat a ton of wings
Wednesday: squat light maybe 3x5 at 50, 60, 70% (per jim wendler deload week), play on the monkey bars
Thursday: swim until you get bored
Friday: pick up game of basketball or soccer
Saturday: more wings, watch evans/jones UFC championship fight
Sunday: sleep lots of ice cream, watch the hangover...

Monday: start lifting heavy again!
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