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Went to the intermediate class today and we worked on three Z-guard pass variations.

So my coach really doesn't want me to do advanced classes yet. I kind of get it because they just added intermediate, and I think he wants me to go through the curriculum the way it is intended, which is fundamentals for up to 3 stripes, intermediate until 4 stripes or blue, then advanced. Our blue and purple belts are excited about intermediate, and it's not exactly 101 material, and even though I want to roll more I trust my coach. And he wants me to do both (2) intermediate classes, 1 open mat and 2 fundamental classes. I told him I only wanted to do 1 fundamental class, and he said that was fine.

So my schedule looks like this:

Mon: Intermediate
Tues: Weights 1
Wed: Intermediate
Thurs: Fundamentals, Weights 2
Fri: Weights 3
Sat: open mat
Sun: off
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