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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
Well if you can handle the loosey goosey nature of having an AMRAP set, 531 is a very good fit.

Here's why.
I think LP works best 3 days a week..I also think you're getting close to it not working.

Long Limbed lifters do well with rep work. People with long levers have pronounced sticking points. One of the easiest sticking point fixers are reps, learning to strain through the hard part of the lift. A better method is pauses, pause squats and DL off a block. You might have enough time for this.

Being as your recovery will ebb and flow with running and rucking and job duties, you need to autoregulate.

If you enjoy a 20 reps squat, you will probably enjoy AMRAP sets.
I'm long limbed and it worked well for me....I know that's weak but I've sen it happen several times with folks of less than ideal proportions.

I have plenty of other idea but that's my gut reaction. The templates is set, you have basic set template to finish every day and you set a goal with each session. If the squat calls for 335x1 you are going to be shooting for 5 or's very motivating.
Sounds solid. So go through the 5/3/1 book, template, and break it down into 2 days of lifting? Correct? How would you cycle 5/3/1 with other rep sets schemes? IE: 5/3/1 for so many weeks, then a back off week, then 3 weeks of 20 rep squats etc
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