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Originally Posted by Jack Kroskey View Post
Sounds solid. So go through the 5/3/1 book, template, and break it down into 2 days of lifting? Correct? How would you cycle 5/3/1 with other rep sets schemes? IE: 5/3/1 for so many weeks, then a back off week, then 3 weeks of 20 rep squats etc
Just do the program, Jack. It doesn't have to be complicatead to work. One strength of the 531 is that you can make long-term progress with it and you don't have to tinker with the fundamentals much. You'll get your high-rep days in. If anything, you might find yourself missing the heavy single or double for the first few cycles. Read the e-book. You'll get a chance to work that OCD when you start wondering how to fit assistance exercises into your already busy program.
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