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Originally Posted by Jack Kroskey View Post
Sounds solid. So go through the 5/3/1 book, template, and break it down into 2 days of lifting? Correct? How would you cycle 5/3/1 with other rep sets schemes? IE: 5/3/1 for so many weeks, then a back off week, then 3 weeks of 20 rep squats etc

The book has a two day option which is solid.

I wouldn't plan on cycling other reps schemes until I hit my goals strength wise.

Doing 20 rep squats is a whole other deal but about the easiest thing in the world to program...You just have one day a week where that's all you do, start at 100 pounds off your best 20 reps squat set and add 10-20 pounds a week until you stall. Last time i did this it was 6 pretty straightforward weeks and I stopped before I stalled...So the writing on the wall, could have gone one more week at most and couldn't keep myself from adding squat days. Ultimately, 20 reppers are fun but the recovery cost is high at my age.

As a side note, I will take another run this year possibly two, but won't go over 6 weeks of it.
Back on point.... Just ride the 531 until you're banging reps with your old maxes and then test your 20 rep as a down set some day. I bet you'll find it's gone up fine.
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