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Chad Lammert
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Dude, seriously, you rock! You and CA are the best and I keep talking you guys up to everyone I meet out here in WI in the O-Lifting circles. Can't say it enough--you guys, man, thank you.

I'm really working on doing what you said: staying back off the pull, keeping the bar as close to the body as possible. I've been working tall muscle snatches/cleans and tall snatches and cleans in my warm-ups. Last night I got these two on tape/video/digital cloud/whatever you call it:

About a minute each. For the most part, I don't know wtf I'm doing, but I found these different movements off your site and in your book, so i thought putting them together might be a good idea. Any input on the skill work, technique, etc. is very appreciated.

Once again, you are the Shiznit and thank you very much. My next PR (170 I think) will be greatly attributable to you.
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