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So I had to get my hair cut at this place right by the co-op and by my gym, and my haircut was at 1... then I was going to get a bite to eat at the co-op and do some work on my laptop, and then go to the gym. But man, my hair guy decided he wanted to spend an extra hour straightening my hair... plus I decided I don't want read hair anymore so he dyed back to a color that would match my natural hair color so I won't have to come in once my roots grow back. So I was at the hair place for like 2.5 hours. So then I got lunch at the co-op and went to the box gym and the drove home and then immediately had to get my gi on to go to fundamentals.

Workout #1:

warmup--2 minute row

3 X 9 triangle lunges per side. So I wasn't sure whether each set of triangle lunges (1 forward, one at an angle and one lateral) counted as just 1, but assumed it did. So that's like 3 sets of 54 lunges. I did 15, 10 and 10 lbs.

3 X 12 single-leg db deadlift per side--again this is 216 total lifts, so I did 15, 10 and 15 lbs.

2 X AMRAP pistol squats. I did 4 but they were only partial; I didn't get all the way down and had assistance available if necessary

3 X AMRAP ab rollout on a Swiss ball; I did about 10 per time

3 X AMRAP plank, I did 77 seconds, 77 with 5 lbs and 46 with 10 lbs. I feel weird putting weight on my back, but anything over 60 seconds means I need more, I think.

So then I went to fundamentals in BJJ, and we worked on 2 different takedowns off a defended single leg and three different escape variations from side control.

It was a good class but I think I need to be honest with myself about jiu-jitsu and stop treating it as a real workout, because it's really not. It's sort of like jogging for ten minutes and then doing yoga for 40 minutes, and then some body-weight work for another 10. I mean, I'm learning a lot but I don't think that running in circles around the mat, doing a few shrimping and cartwheel drills, doing 30 takedowns or throws and then drilling some techniques (with a lot of trial and error) and maybe 5-10 minutes of positional drills counts as a workout. So I guess that means I need to do more metcon in addition to weights outside of the gym, and just chalk BJJ up to a hobby for now.

In other news, I really need to make myself eat more.
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