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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
I rolled with this brown belt who I actually really like, and was working really hard to pass half and she told me I was going 80% and she was only going 60%. I'm like, uh.... so? You're bigger than me and a brown belt. I mean, yeah I was using a fair amount of head pressure on the non-underhook side, but she knows how to frame on my face. She later apologized and said lower belts get to pick the pace. I think some people get upset if you even so much as score a point against them. I actually admire that tenacity and it's probably how she's gotten as good as she has (she's *so* good), but it also sometimes makes her hard to deal with.

Sorry to hijack.
Good hijack. I have a couple of things I work on personally and that is to let the lower belt pick the pace unless it is unsafe. Last night was an example of that. I think that sometimes we say things to protect our ego (don't know if that is the right way to phrase it maybe sense of self) like I am going 60% or my shoulder is hurt. I really focus on not having that happen when I am working with someone.

I am glad to know that your head pressure at 80% is good enough to make her take notice. That means at tournament speed it would be a challenge to anyone of your rank!
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