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Went to open mat this morning, and I got a ton of rolls. Probably about 10 total with 8 different guys. Good times.

I'm still annoyed with my game because my guard and half guard passes and side control are good, knee on belly is solid, I have a decent mount, and I have a good armdrag to back take... but my guard and escapes from bottom still suck.

People keep telling me to fake x-chokes and go for armbars, but I hate trying to go for armbars from guard; I just want to sweep and get on top rather than risk getting stack-passed. It's a conversation I'm tired of having with tall people. I've been wanting to model my game after Emily Kwok's, and I don't think her go-to move is to go for armbars and get stack-passed. LOL.

I've been playing almost all butterfly guard and working my butterfly sweep, along with some sweeps from when people stand, but people are onto it so I need to look at other options, too. It's just annoying to feel like I'm not developing my game holistically, though.

Anyway, my legs are still wrecked so I'll lift weights tomorrow or Monday. Leaving town Wed. and just been struggling to get things taken care of before I go.

I'm doing way better on making myself eat more, and trying hard to not skip breakfast. My biggest issue right now is that I have to stay up too late to edit for Sherdog on weekends, and my circadian clock is all sorts of messed up. Some days I sleep 10 hours, some days 4, and my bedtime ranges from 10pm to, like, 5am, so I get up anytime between like 8 and noon. It is bad.
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